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Call management strategies and training initiatives that drive customer
acquisition and retention while boosting efficiencies and revenue.



Blueprint ServiceMastery™

Our flagship service is the most refined, in-depth strategy for executing inbound and outbound profit generating phone calls for your service department. Combined with the policies, procedures and training you need to create and manage service demand, boost customer satisfaction and take your service department to a new level. It’s the number one choice for dealerships that are looking to better control service drive flow, improve customer retention and dramatically increase revenue and profits.

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Blueprint SalesMastery™

Designed to help you sell more vehicles now by teaching your sales teams how to turn your biggest liability, communicating via the telephone with your client base, phone and Internet prospects, into one of your greatest assets. Built on years of research and refined to address today’s information driven shopper, Blueprint’s SalesMastery™ is the solution for dealerships that want to increase sales, capture market share, improve customer retention and dominate their competition.

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Blueprint RecruitingMastery™

Finding and hiring talented team members is critical for companies striving to drive their organization from “good” to “great”. Blueprint’s RecruitingMastery™ is built on game-changing strategies and tactics that allow you to build your talent base quickly, while reducing your exposer to costly hiring mistakes. With our proprietary recruiting processes and years of experience, Blueprint can quickly and efficiently locate, screen and deliver human capital with the skills, experience and talent to help your organization reach its true potential and achieve market domination.

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